Xiaomi Mi 5 undergoes the ultimate torture examination

Xiaomi_Mi-5 (2)

As with almost all flagship devices nowadays, it’s now the Xiaomi Mi 5’s time to shine in the torture examination.

Torture examinations are designed to test the durability of today’s mobile devices. In the video, ‘Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro’s 3D Ceramic Body Torture Test,’ a user tests the strength of the phone by putting it through a variety of tests. The user used several varying materials to try to scratch the body of the Mi 5. This appeared to go very well, which we could tell by the user’s emotional frustration. This pretty much sums up the video. No material was able to significantly damage the Mi 5’s back plate, not even a drill. 

The lack of damage is most likely due to the Mi 5’s new premium ceramic back, which appears to be of a tough build. We were quite impressed that the Mi 5 surpassed all these tests without showing significant harm. You can watch the examination in its entirety in the video embedded down below.