Google Fiber is introducing a new service, meet Fiber Phone


While our mobile phones may be all the rage these days there is still a pretty large segment of the population who rely on their landlines for important matters. Google has realized this and decided to add a new service to the Google Fiber repertoire for those of us who still need a landline; meet Fiber Phone.

Fiber Phone is meant to bring the same reliability and ease of use that landline phones have been giving us for years, but with a few new features that bring the landline experience into the 21st century. This new service gives you access to call waiting, caller ID, and emergency 911 services just as easily as you could before. The service also gives you access to traditional voicemail, like you have always had, with the option to have your voicemail message transcribed and then sent vie a text/email for when you are on the go.

The futuristic new feature that brings this service in the mobile age is the ability to use the service while you are on the go. According to Google, your Fiber phone number lives in the cloud so you will be able to program the service to ring your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop while you are away from your landline. This way you never miss a call from those most important in your life.

This service is gonna cost you $10 a month, with international calls following the same pricing tier as they do on Google Voice. This is a pretty cheap plan and great for those of you who still would like to have a landline in your home. The only problem that seems to exist here is the availability of the service. Right now they only plan to rollout Fiber Phone to a few select cities before even just bringing it to all cities where you can purchase Fiber internet service. So for most of us it’ll be a while before we can subscribe to this service, but nonetheless it seems like it is a pretty great option for landline service.

Source: Google Fiber Blog

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