Users can now undo edits made to an image on Google Photos


Google Photos is getting a minor update on Android that’ll include a new ‘undo edits’ feature.

Google has now posted v1.17 of its Google Photos application on the Play Store. Have you ever edited a photo on the app, and then want to revert back to the original? The new update to Google Photos is making this possible.

In past generations, editing an image in Google’s Photo editor would keep the original photo untouched and copy a new one to be edited. This left users with multiple versions of the same image, just with a few edits. Now, editing an image is completely reversible and non-destructive. So if you edit a photo, but want to go back to the original, all the changes you made in the editor can be undone with a touch of a button. The option to save as a new photo will remain available. Downloading the update is just a click away!

Play Store Download Link

Source: Google Photos (Google+)