SoundCloud Go shows up (very late) to the music streaming fight


Music streaming isn’t the easiest business to be successful in. There are just too many services on the market and they’re not doing all that much to stand out. So, if you’re not already established like Spotify or have deep pockets like Apple, it’s going to be very difficult to bring in subscribers and generate substantial revenue. Yet SoundCloud believes it found an opening to peel customers away from existing subscriptions, getting them to instead spend monthly on SoundCloud Go.

This music streaming service, which SoundCloud refers to as “the next significant step” in its evolution, is a very late arrival to the fight. SoundCloud Go offers unlimited ad-free streaming, offline listening, and songs from emerging and well-known artists. Sound familiar? That’s because its competitors have been offering the same stuff for a lot longer.


The catalog unlocked with SoundCloud Go was born out of licensing agreements SoundCloud signed with UMG, Sony, Merlin, Warner, and others. Those are among the biggest record labels and publishers in the music industry, allowing the service to have songs from artists known worldwide in addition to the emerging and independent artists SoundCloud has always catered to.


Like all music streaming services, SoundCloud Go has stations and playlists at the ready for users if they aren’t seeking out anything specific. In addition, there’s an Explore hub that suggests what you might enjoy.

A big part of SoundCloud Go’s proposition is that you can listen to music offline by downloading songs and albums. Then, from wherever you are, you have music at your disposal to be played in the familiar SoundCloud player. All of the aforementioned likes and playlists are available for offline listening, too.


Alexander Ljung, SoundCloud Founder and CEO, commented on SoundCloud Go’s launch:

“SoundCloud Go represents our vision of the future of music streaming: a platform for creators to collaborate on; for fans to discover the latest tracks, enjoy legendary music connect with their favorite artists; and for our unique creative community to have the opportunity to be paid for their work.”

Ultimately, SoundClound Go blends right in with the regular SoundCloud app. You won’t notice any major differences as SoundCloud Go’s integration is pretty spotless.

SoundCloud Go is priced at $9.99 per month, and SoundCloud is throwing in a free 30-day trial with all new subscriptions. Existing Pro Unlimited subscribers can get six months of SoundCloud Go for a discounted rate of $4.99 per month. Pricing is on par with the competition, and availability at this time is restricted to people in the United States.

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Source: SoundCloud

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