Honeycomb designer Matias Duarte hates task killers

With the release of Android Honeycomb approaching, Google exec and designer Matias Duarte has given some insight into what can be expected of the new Android platform.

Duarte’s main point seems to be that he doesn’t feel like users should do what a computer should, hence why Duarte dislikes Android task killers.

In an interview with Mobilized, Duarte had this to say:

“Managing the computing resources, deciding what takes up resident RAM, what takes up resident cycles,” Duarte said in an interview with Mobilized, “this is not a task we should ask humans to do, because, first of all, humans don’t do a very good job of it. They don’t have enough information and enough context.”

Although task killers are loved by some users and hated by others, one thing that most users can agree on is the unobtrusive but efficient notification system that Android devices have. Duarte says the notification features on Honeycomb will be even better.

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[via intomobile]