Verizon Enterprise Solutions loses customer data to hackers


In a strange twist of fate, Verizon Enterprise Solutions finds itself the victim of a data breach that has exposed 1.5 million customer accounts to hackers. Normally Verizon Enterprise is leading the way in helping businesses, many on the Fortune 500 list, avoid this kind of situation, so finding themselves victims is particularly painful.

According to sources familiar with the incident, the hackers surfaced with the information via an underground forum where they were offering to sell the database of customer contact information. The information was priced at $100,000 for the entire set, although chunks of 100,000 records could be had for $10,000. Perhaps even worse for Verizon Enterprise was that the sellers were also offering to sell information about security vulnerabilities present on the Verizon web site.

Verizon Enterprise indicated in a statement regarding the issue that they were aware of the vulnerability and had already taken steps to remediate. They also indicate that the data obtained consisted of basic contact information and not any data involving accounts or financial information. Verizon Enterprise has not verified the number of customers impacted and they are in the process of notifying customers who were impacted.

source: KrebsonSecurity