[TA Deals] This Folding Bluetooth Keyboard is 50% off


If you’re looking for a compact Bluetooth keyboard for your tablet or need something to replace your current tablet keyboard, then Talk Android Deals has the keyboard for you! The Casestudi Folding Bluetooth Keyboard is the perfect cross between functionality and being compact enough where it won’t bother you on your travels.

If you’ve ever had to write a lot on-the-go, you know how difficult that can be with your tablet or phone’s software-based keyboard. This Folding Bluetooth Keyboard makes it easy to connect it up to your phone or tablet and start typing away faster than you ever would without it.

  • Connect to your tablet, phone, or other Bluetooth device
  • Fold into a compact rectangle for easy transport
  • Easily compose longer pieces of writing on-the-go

Normally this keyboard sits at a whopping $60, but for a limited time only you can head on over to Talk Android Deals to get for $30. That’s 50% off!

Anyone picking one up?

[Talk Android Deals]

  • russell conrad lewis

    How is this thing powered, rechargeable USB PLUG?