Apple Music goes more Android, now offers a widget for your home screen


As everyone knows, Apple doesn’t support home screen widgets on iOS. Needless to say, that meant that the Android version of Apple Music launched without any type of widget, much to the chagrin of Android users. However, in true Apple fashion, they’ve finally updated their app to include something that just about every other music player on the Play Store already offers: widgets! Better late than never.

The widget is pretty simple, offering a quick way to pause and play tracks, skip songs, and favorite whatever you’re listening to. There’s not much else here, but when you’re dealing with a music player you probably don’t want anything too cluttered, anyway.

The app update also allows users to add songs to a playlist without those songs being in the user’s library, which is a nice change that was promoted on Apple’s end before it went live in this update.

If you haven’t tested out Apple Music yet, you can still get a free three month trial. If you’re deeply invested in Google’s ecosystem, it’s tough to go with anything besides All Access simply because of the ad-free YouTube, but Apple’s massive catalog and other features certainly make for a very compelling option if you’re still trying to find the perfect music streaming service.

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About the Author: Jared Peters

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