Huawei Venus shows up before official announcement in April

huawei p9 lite

Huawei has an event slated for April 6th, but it looks like one piece of that announcement has showed up a couple weeks ahead of schedule. The device, internally known as the Venus, looks like it’ll be a less-featured version of the Huawei P9, falling in line with Huawei’s “Lite” lineup of phones.

Instead of being a totally stripped down version this year, the P9 Lite is rumored to have the same 5.2-inch, 1080p screen with 3 GB of RAM, just like the normal P9. The key differences will be a slower CPU and using something other than metal for the body of the device. The dual-camera setup that we’ve heard about on the P9 also isn’t going to be here. Gotta save money somewhere in the build list.

It’s already been tipped that Huawei is planning on launching several different models of the P9 this year, and this wraps up just one of them. We’ll know for sure exactly how many phones they’ll add to the lineup early next month.

source: Venture Beat