Google Search voice just got a whole lot smoother


If you are a frequent user of voice input with Google Search, you may be noticing a change in the voice of Google’s assistant that reports results back to you. The U.S. English female voice that has been used for several years is being retired with a new voice that is smoother and sounds more natural.

Below is a video that highlights the differences between the old voice and the new voice. You should be able to tell that the new voice has a more natural intonation and the answers sound more fluid and not as disjointed.

Currently there are no pending updates to the Google Search app or the Google Text-to-Speech app available in the Play Store. Thus, it appears this change is being made on the server-side.  The change to the voice comes as Google faces some competition in the personal assistant space on Android devices, notably from Microsoft’s Cortana, which generally receives good marks for usability.

source: jidery (Reddit)
via: AndroidAuthority