Google Drive for Android updated with new quick editing shortcut


Google Drive for Android has been updated with two new features to make the application more seamless.

The first feature is rather simple, just allowing users to reverse sort their files. It’s a small feature, but has been highly requested, according to Google.

Lastly, Google Drive now has a handy file editing shortcut. As you know, Google Drive is only really a gateway for managing and editing other documents. For instance, to edit a Google Doc, you’ll need to have the Docs app installed. Similarly, to edit a spreadsheet, you’ll need to have Google’s Spreadsheets app installed. Or, to edit a photo, you’ll need to go into your smartphone’s native Photo Editor or even Google Photos, if it’s installed on your smartphone or tablet.

These tools are fairly easy to access, but now they’re even easier to get to with the new editing shortcut.


Now, when you open up a document or photo in Google Drive, you can tap the big blue button at the bottom right of the screen to jump into the proper app for editing your document.

It’s a neat little feature that makes things more seamless. If you haven’t gotten the update yet, be sure to hit the download link below.

Play Store Download Link

source: Google

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