Samsung is attempting to reduce damages over Apple lawsuit in Supreme Court review

Apple vs Samsung

The Samsung and Apple lawsuit will probably end sometime around when the Galaxy S14 comes out, but that’s just the way some of these legal battles go. The latest move comes from Samsung trying to mitigate some of the damages owed to Apple by way of a Supreme Court appeal, which pretty much means the company has given up trying to dispute the patents themselves and is now in damage control mode.

Samsung would currently have to pay out over $500 million in damages, so there’s plenty of room for getting things whittled down a little more. Considering the original verdict was for over a billion dollars, though, I’d say Samsung has already done a pretty good job at keeping things as small as possible. Although, I think everyone is wondering just how much they’ve spent on legal fees at this point and if it’s actually going to be worth trying to save any more money out of the situation.

Like always, we’ll keep you updated with this appeal and subsequent ruling.

source: Supreme Court

via: Engadget