‘Doctor Who’ headed to Amazon Prime after leaving Netflix


The first eight seasons of popular BBC series “Doctor Who” will be available on Amazon Prime by the end of the month, it has been announced.

This latest news arrives as BBC Worldwide North America confirms its partnership with Amazon which means the first eight seasons, along with the holiday specials, will land on Prime. The show will be ready to stream from March 27.

“Doctor Who” will be on offer for free to Amazon Prime subscribers as part of the deal, and season nine and its upcoming Christmas special, The Husbands of River Song, are due to arrive at some point in the fall.

Until the start of February, Netflix had the streaming rights to “Doctor Who”, which meant users could easily access ‘classic’ and current seasons of the popular TV adventure. Now, however, the BBC show has teleported over to another streaming service.

First airing on BBC America back in 2005, “Doctor Who” has become a true sci-fi favorite, and Scottish actor Peter Capaldi heads the latest season of the show.

The new deal between BBC Worldwide North America and Amazon Prime will certainly have “Doctor Who” fans keen to check out the video-streaming service if they haven’t done so already.