Amazon Cloud Drive finally gets unlimited storage plans in Canada


Amazon has finally made its Cloud Drive Unlimited Storage Plan and Unlimited Photos Plan available to those in Canada.

The company first made its Cloud Drive Unlimited Storage Plan available in the US around this time last year. They offered users unlimited storage year-round for $60 a year, and are offering that same pricing to those in Canada as of today.

This unlimited storage plan does come with a three-month trial, so those that are interested don’t have to commit to that $60 price point straight away. Alternatively, Amazon is also offering an Unlimited Photos Plan, which lets users store, well, an unlimited amount of photos in Cloud Drive year-round for $12 a year. Similar to the Unlimited Storage Plan, there is a three-month trial before committing to the subscription.

If you’re in Canada and have Amazon Prime, you already have the Unlimited Photos Plan for Cloud Drive, but if you need that extra storage, the Unlimited Storage Plan is available to you.

Have you used any of Amazon’s Cloud Drive plans? How do you like in comparison to other services like Dropbox or even Google Drive/Google Photos?

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