Verizon, Ricky Gervais partnership creates new ads that parade the carrier’s superiority


Verizon and Ricky Gervais formed a new partnership to produce two new ads that show how superior Verizon is compared to other carriers, especially Sprint.

In the first ad, Gervais¬†explained how all carriers claim that they have fast service, but Verizon is the only carrier that’s consistently fast across the country.

Some might disagree with that sentiment, but Verizon paid Gervais a whole bunch of money to say it, so it must be true!

In the second ad, Gervais pokes some fun at Sprint and its fine print that the “map isn’t a depiction of actual coverage.”

Both ads are, of course, entertaining in Gervais’ blunt style. But is it factual? Not really. It’s true that Verizon has some great coverage and speeds–all big four carriers do–but just like the rest, it really depends on your location. We haven’t truly come to a point, at least in the US, where coverage and high speeds are 100%.

Either way, it’s just a small jab trying to get more customers in Verizon’s court.¬†Gervais is entertaining as always, and that’s really what these ads are all about.¬†