These renders show what the HTC 10 might look like

htc 10 mockup black

Interested in what the HTC 10 might look like, but the leaked press renders aren’t doing it for you? A new set of renders show what the device might actually look like from a few different angles, and what they’ll look like in black and silver, although HTC is probably going with some fancy names for those boring old colors.

Keep in mind that these renders aren’t official, although they are based off of press renders and what we’ve seen from the device breaking cover in the public. They may not be 100% accurate, but at this point it’s a pretty safe bet that they’ll be extremely close. And honestly, they look pretty slick, even by HTC’s standards.

htc 10 silver

My only grip at this point is the home button placement. I don’t have anything against physical or capacitive buttons, but the home button/fingerprint scanner on the M10 looks like it’s placed very low on the device,and it doesn’t have the HTC logo like the A9 did to offset that blank space. Not really a major complaint, considering the rest of the phone looks great, but HTC is really going to need to hit a home run to stay competitive with Samsung and LG this year, and they’ll still have Apple’s always-dominant iPhone refresh coming later this year.

What do you think about these renders, if they end up being accurate?

source: HTC Source

via: XDA

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  • Jonatan Mathisen

    Wow that is a nice phone

    • My Galaxy Prime

      It really is a nice looking phone.

  • Kieran

    What are they thinking! The whole point of the the range is for it to look cool and different from everyone else. It looks like the first iPhone with that bright silver trim all the way round the phone. And my biggest gripe, nothing sets it apart on the front face, where are the beautiful, highly functional front facing speakers?

  • Moses Dzarmah

    A little change wouldn’t be bad.. Nice phone