You can now apply stickers and labels to locations in Google Maps


To everyone else in the world the places you visit daily- your home, work, favorite store -may just be blips on the map, but to you these are landmarks of your life. Google Maps has realized this and you will now be able to make your maps a little more personal. Starting today you will be able to label any location with your own personal name, and for your work and home addresses, you will be able to apply some cool custom stickers to the map.

When you type in your home address, as long as you have it saved, Google Maps recognizes that it is your home and displays a little home icon. This icon is the same for all of us and, quite frankly, is a little boring. Well Google is changing that for our home and work locations with the addition of a bunch of new stickers. Always wanted to live in an igloo? Well now you can apply the igloo sticker to your home address making it a little easier to pretend you actually live in one. These stickers aren’t anything revolutionary but they are a cool way to make boring maps a little more personal.

In addition to these stickers this update also allows you to label any location on the map with your own personal label. Our home and places of work, for most of us at least, aren’t the only places we frequent and may need quick access navigation to. You can now label places like your gym or maybe your favorite convenience store so you can get quick access to the fastest route or traffic conditions on the way.

It is pretty easy to label places on the map. All you have to do is type the address of the place you’d like to label, then click the place on the map, select the three dot menu button in the right corner, and label the area whatever you’d like. Just make sure you are logged into your Google account though so you can save your labels.

Nothing crazy coming to Google Maps here, but the label function is definitely a great usability feature, and the stickers are a great way to personalize your maps.

Source: Google Maps Blog

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