Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show premieres in May


In August 2014, Chelsea Handler’s Chelsea Lately seven-year run on E! came to an end. The comedian was offered a massive deal worth $10 million to join Netflix and create different types of programming for the video streaming service. The first show, a documentary series called Chelsea Does, was released earlier this year following the Uganda Be Kidding Me Live standup comedy special from 2014. But the real prize for Netflix in poaching Handler is setting up its very first talk show. Today, after almost two years of being away from a nightly desk slinging jokes between panelists and guests, Handler announced when her talk show on Netflix will premiere.

Handler posted the following note on Twitter this morning:

Dear You,

This is your new show schedule, so if you’re thinking about having a baby — DON’T. Your new show will be on every WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, + FRIDAY on NETFLIX.

  • I know it’s hard for you, but waking up is a great way to start the day.
  • You’ll be traveling around the world and learning about new things, all courtesy of NETFLIX. Treat this is an opportunity to get the college education you forgot to get.
  • Sign up for Netflix
  • When interviewing respected public figures, ask yourself, “What would Byron Allen do?” Then, do the opposite.
  • Once an episode is up and streaming on Netflix, it will be available until the end of time, so put a little more thought into what you say this time around.
  • Never give up on your dream guest list.
    • Michelle Obama
    • The Pope
    • Arnold Schwarzaneggar’s maid
  • You’ll be streaming in 196 countries, so remember to keep a deeper, more culturally sensitive perspective. Specially the Germans, they’re still touchy about everything they did.
  • You wanted a new show, you got it. You wanted to be on Netflix, you are. You wanted to spread your wings, now fly BITCH.


P.S. It’s an election your. Good timing, girl.


So we now know that the still-untitled talk show hosted by the comedian will air for 30 minutes on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays without any commercial breaks. The structure will be similar to Chelsea Lately, but Handler no longer has the suits from Comcast and NBCUniversal watching over her to push content in a safer direction. Netflix won’t be censoring the new talk show in any way.

Bill Wolff, former Executive Producer of ABC’s The View, is the man overseeing Handler’s Wednesday-Friday activities on Netflix. Prior to running ABC’s popular daytime talk show, Wolff was Executive Producer of ESPN’s Around the Horn and then MSNBC’s head of primetime programming. With this type of experience, it’s easy to expect culture and politics to join entertainment as the topics covered on Handler’s new talk show.

Source: Chelsea Handler (Twitter)

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    Uganda Be Kidding Me. They gave her a talk show.