Samsung’s Galaxy S7 costs the company $255 per unit


It costs Samsung $255 in components to produce each Galaxy S7 unit, according to a new teardown report.

Research firm IHS is scheduled to publish the report later today, but ReCode was able to get its hands on the analysis early. As you might expect, the most expensive aspect of the device’s is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor, making up $62 of that $255 total.

IHS wasn’t able to identify the company that produces the 12-megapixel rearĀ camera on the smartphone, but noted it added an additionalĀ $13.70 to the final price. Again, IHS details all of the components and how much they cost in its final report, but it was noted that they added an extra $5 for final assembly.

However, it costs much more to produce the Galaxy S7 than this. Those are just manufacturing costs, and IHS doesn’t take into account things like costs to produce software or the cost of selling the device (e.g. advertising, deals with carriers, etc).

When IHS publishes the teardown, you should be able to find it here, though IHS does require you to be a subscriber in order to view the full analysis.

source: ReCode

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  • Nallaikumaran

    In fact, The 32GB S7 device components cost more than $270, The 16GB iPhone 6s plus device components cost only $215. The Google 6P $180. Keep telling only half of the truth! LMAO. Where is the IHS news? (Link) Where is the evidence?

    Manufacturing cost + labour + Company’s profit + marketing and advertising + taxes + import charges + dealers and distributor’s profits + R.and D. + after sales service + updates and support + accessories cost + software. Highly misleading article.