Amazon Echo speaker reacts from NPR radio, alters a homeowner’s thermostat


Earlier this week, Amazon unveiled the new Echo Dot and Echo Tap. Although Amazon’s Echo speakers have been praised highly for the options and capabilities they have, one implement didn’t go as expected.

Something interesting happened this week during the show ‘Listen Up.’ NPR host Rachel Martin was showing everyone her Amazon Echo speaker over the radio often calling its name. Apparently, Alexa wanted to know more of what Martin was saying. As the speaker listened to the NPR broadcast, it accidentally reset a homeowner’s thermostat.

In fact, several users experienced difficulties when listening to the station on their speaker. One reported that their speaker went crazy when it heard its name called repeatedly. This is obviously a serious bug in the system, one that Amazon will need to fix sooner rather than later. If this is what Amazon is experimenting for their new Echo speakers, Amazon may want to rethink the idea of allowing Alexa to respond to any voice.

Source: KWBU
Via: BGR

  • Brian

    Well, this seems like a situation that the vast majority of Alexa owners are unlikely to experience. Turning on NPR and hearing someone say “Alexa” over and over again?

    • russell conrad lewis

      Ohhhh, snarky.

  • russell conrad lewis

    When the commercial for the Echo comes on the TV and someone says “Alexa” mine wakes up and starts listening. It does sorta’ go nuts when they say the name several times. I’ve learned to grab the remote to the TIVO and fast forward through these particular commercials.

  • ChuckN007

    Who listens to NPR?

    Who listens to the radio, other than maybe in your car, and then only if you don’t have a smartphone or mp3 device or podcast player?

    NPR is kind of like left wing talk radio, and talk radio doesn’t really have a following among people with left wing views.

  • Marvin the paranoid android

    Schools like Chromebooks because they are cheap, come with a keyboard, easy to manage, and integrate really nicely with Google’s cloud services .

    It must really burn Apple because they had great momentum in the classroom and have now lost all of it to Google.

    Apple could come out with a laptop type machine that ran iOS to better complete with Chromebooks .They could lower the price making it more attractive for schools, maybe even create goodwill amoung educators, but that is not their style. Apple is stubborn and inflexible, too bad.