Eric Schmidt apparently likes Apple’s iPhone

eric schmidt iphone

Eric Schmidt may have accidentally stirred up a little controversy by using something other than an Android phone to take pictures at the world Go championship tournament where Google’s own AlphaGo AI is attempting to beat the best player in the world. 

Instead of the focus being on the Go match, it was actually on Schmidt taking pictures at the event with an iPhone. Shocker, right? It’s almost like these people have preferences or something.

It’s obviously pretty humorous to see anyone in a company, especially an ex-CEO of a company, using another company’s flagship product. But considering Google’s overwhelming presence on iOS (seriously, have you ever checked out how many apps Google has on the App Store?) it’s pretty easy to see how someone can still be invested in Google’s ecosystem without sticking exclusively to Android. Besides, I’d bet plenty of Android enthusiasts probably rely on a Windows laptop to do a lot of work, too.

Controversy aside, this is a pretty good example of why you should be open to trying out new things. I’ve dabbled in Apple’s walled garden, and while it’s not perfect and not for everyone, it has its own set of advantages. Can’t argue with camera quality, either, and that was pretty important to Mr. Schmidt here.

source: OSEN

via: Quora

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  • QwertyJuan

    If camera quality was important, he’d be running an S7.

  • wumps13

    Maybe they can fired him or send him to Korea at Samsung to publicly apologize!!

  • Brian Thorn

    Of course he likes Apple. He’s rich.