Google knocks 25% off the Pixel C, brings the tablet down to $375


If you’re interested in a Google Pixel C, now’s the time to make a purchase. Google has cut a significant 25% off the price of the latest in the Pixel line, bringing the starting price down to just $375. That’s well within the price range of many other high-end tablets.

  • 32GB model: $375, down from $499
  • 64GB model: $449, down from $599

This discount is supposedly for developers to grab a Pixel C to begin testing apps for Android N, but pretty much anyone can sign up to get the 25% discount. The only catch is that it doesn’t come with the $149 optional keyboard, so if you want that particular accessory, you’re right back above the $499 price. But hey, you’re technically saving on an expensive keyboard!

For less than $400 you’re getting yourself one of the most powerful tablets on the market in the Pixel C. There’s an extremely high resolution screen, an NVIDIA Tegra X1 CPU, 3GB of RAM, and stock Android with updates directly from Google. That’s tough to beat, especially in the market of 10-inch tablets.

source: Google