Pebble Time watches updated to version 3.10, brings new health enhancements

pebble time gray TA 2

Pebble has updated the recently discounted Pebble Time and the Pebble Time Round to version 3.10, and it’s bringing some new health features, new languages, and a refined emoji experience. It’s not a major update, but all of the changes are definitely welcome improvements.

Pebble introduced their own take on health tracking a few months back, and this update refines that approach. Now at the end of the day, your Pebble Watch will update you based on how much activity was tracked that day. If you had a slow day, it’ll pep you up to do better tomorrow, and if you had an active day it’ll congratulate you. I’ve already experienced this on my Pebble Time, and it’s a nice addition that’ll keep you up to speed on how much you’re moving around every day. Before this, the health tracking was buried in the settings, so this keeps thing front and center at your attention.

Another relatively minor, but cool feature is a better emoji system on the watch. If someone sends you a single emoji in a text message, it’ll display on your watch face as a large image instead of a single character. Small change, but it’s a nice UX improvement. Unfortunately Pebble still doesn’t support all emojis, so if an iPhone user sends a text with one of the more obscure emojis, they still display as a small box. It’d be nice if Pebble could address that, but hey, baby steps.

You should get notified of the new firmware update on your Pebble Time soon.

source: Pebble

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