BlackBerry Priv now available for pre-order at Verizon


Verizon announced today that the BlackBerry Priv is now available to purchase from the carrier, with in-store availability starting on March 11.

Rumors have circulated for awhile now, indicating that the Priv would make its way to Verizon, and now it’s finally available. There’s still some other rumors saying that┬áSprint will get the smartphone as well. One thing’s for sure: the BlackBerry Priv is no longer an AT&T exclusive.

As far as pricing goes, those interested can pick up a BlackBerry Priv for $30 per month on a 24-month contract with Verizon. Or, those that don’t mind the hefty up-front cost, the Priv can be purchased outright for $720.

Also, remember that Verizon is still offering its promotion where the carrier is giving out free data to use per year.

We’re still waiting to see if Sprint will get the device, but in the meantime, if you’re interested in it on Verizon’s network, be sure to hit the link below for more information.

source: Verizon