AT&T open insurance enrollment begins today


It seems to be a pretty common thing now for carriers to have open enrollment periods for those of us who forwent insurance when initially purchasing our devices. Verizon has open insurance enrollment that started in January, which is ending March 12th, and now AT&T is having an open enrollment starting today and running through April 30th.

Normally when purchasing a phone through AT&T you have to sign up for one of its insurance plans within the first 30 days of buying the phone. Sometimes life happens and we forget to tack-on that insurance plan, or maybe we just thought we didn’t need it at that time. Well now you can make up for that mistake if you so wish.

AT&T offers three different insurance plans for consumers in addition to an option for businesses, all of which are available in the open enrollment period.

The first option is the AT&T Multi-Device Protection Pack. According to AT&T, this is the most comprehensive option allowing coverage for up to 3 phones or tablets. These devices get full coverage along with full technical assistance from from the U.S. based ProTech support team. This option is perfect for families, or an individual with multiple devices, and it is not available for business accounts. This option comes in at $29.99 a month.

The next option is the AT&T Mobile Protection Pack. This is basically the same as the last option, but for only one device. Again you are going to find full coverage as well as full tech support from the ProTech team. Also included is the Protect Plus app which gives you 50GB of cloud storage space and the ability to remotely locate a lost device. This option clocks in at $10.99 a month.

Then you have the most barebones option, AT&T Mobile Insurance. This plan again comes with full coverage, but no ProTech tech support is included in this plan. The great thing about this plan is that it’s the cheapest at $6.99 per month per line.

AT&T is also introducing an insurance plan for businesses called AT&T Mobile Protection Pack for Business. This plan grants all the same perks as the AT&T Mobile Protection Pack along with an exclusive administrative portal to manage insurance claims and support for all Mobile Protection Pack for Business covered devices, and direct access to a dedicated team of ProTech support experts for select AT&T-certified and other popular business applications. This plan comes out to $10.99 per month per business line.

We are human and we make mistakes sometimes. It is great to see companies like Verizon and AT&T giving us the option to possibly make up for those mistakes. If you are interested in enrolling you can hit the source link right below and get the coverage you need.

Source: AT&T

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