BlackBerry updates several apps for Priv on Google Play


BlackBerry is always working to improve user experiences for Priv owners. Yesterday, BlackBerry updated several of their applications on the Play Store.

The list of apps that received an update include the BlackBerry Launcher, Keyboard, and Camera. Each app includes new features as well as bug fixes and small patches.

The BlackBerry Camera app now supports slow motion video that can slow footage up to 4 times. The BlackBerry Keyboard app comes with improvements starting with Predictive Typing, which can now learn words with numbers. The Keyboard can also be set to suggest contact names when composing an email. The Keyboard will also feature Fine Cursor Control on the physical keyboard, which allows for better positioning when typing. Some other enhancements have been made to bump-up accuracy as well. While these features aren’t new to the industry, they’ll make a nice addition for those going without them who enjoy what they get with BlackBerry’s Keyboard.


The last app getting an update is BlackBerry’s Launcher. Users can now separate apps for work from their personal apps. Setting your homepage is now possible in addition to deleting pages on your homescreen. Users can also flick to remove app shortcuts. BlackBerry also included a number of minor improvements such as letting you know when an app was removed from your SD card. They will now appear greyed-out when removed this way users get a better understanding of what’s stored and where.


All updates have been pushed to the Play Store already. All you have to do is click ‘update all’ under the “my apps and games” menu to get the latest version.

Source: BlackBerry

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