U.S. Soccer uses a customized Google Cardboard and 360° YouTube video to unveil brand new crest


The U.S. Soccer Federation hasn’t updated its crest since 1995. In the past 21 years a lot has changed on the technology front with one of the newest forms of media consumption being the virtual reality headset. U.S. Soccer decided to bring its logo into the modern age, and in order to showcase this beautiful new crest they decided to unveil it using a cutting edge 360° video viewable on a customized U.S. Soccer Google Cardboard.

Most companies or organizations will invite the press to a big snazzy event whenever they have to unveil something new, but U.S. Soccer decided to change that formula up a little bit. Instead of sending out invites to friends and the media they sent them out a unique gift box. Inside of this box was a Google Cardboard emblazoned with U.S. Soccer’s motto, One Nation, and a lock box. In order to access the contents of the lock box you had to watch the new 360° video included with the headset all the way through to access the lock code. Then inside of the lock box was a pretty sweet scarf with the brand new crest on it.

Of course U.S. Soccer couldn’t possibly send out one of these special boxes to the millions upon millions of us fans worldwide, so for the rest of us they made a pretty sweet video that we can watch with our own Google Cardboard. The video is narrated by some of the biggest names ever in U.S. Soccer like Landon Donovan and Carli Lloyd. It’s a pretty darn cool video, and made me feel pretty patriotic. It is a great way to get up close and personal with U.S. Soccer, and you can watch it right below this if you’d like.

It is real cool to see so many different companies and organizations using VR devices to showcase new products and just their brands overall. With continued big reveals and product launches like this one VR is going to be completely mainstream before we know it!

Source: U.S. Soccer


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