William H. Macy stars in Samsung’s big Oscars ad


Tonight, Samsung aired three television commercials during the 88th Academy Awards to promote the new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. It’s not the first time Samsung has introduced grand advertisements during the Oscars. The company sees tremendous value for being a sponsor of an awards ceremony that gets over 35 million viewers every year. With all of the buzz surrounding this year’s Oscars, Samsung will probably get more exposure than expected.

William H. Macy, an Academy Award nominee for his role in Fargo, is the star of Samsung’s main ad for the Galaxy S7. It starts with people wondering why their phones can’t pay at traditional terminals, fit in tight pants, last long enough to get through a forest, store hundreds of movies, take quality pictures in environments with low light, handle getting wet, and work as a virtual reality headset. Even NBA head coach Doc Rivers and James Harden make cameos to wonder about unrelated things.


Finally, near the end of the minute-and-a-half ad, Macy appears to express his frustration that no one ever asks him to be a spokesperson. That’s when we cut to Macy holding the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge on a large stage with a massive Samsung logo. Unfortunately for him, none of it is real and Macy was just being a spokesperson in world experienced through the Gear VR.

Galaxy S7: Why?

The second ad, which is much less star-studded, spends one minute going over the water resistance of the two phones.

Galaxy S7: Water Resistance

The third ad covers the phone’s ability to manage photography in low light.

Galaxy S7: The Dark

We’ll update this post if Samsung airs any other ads during the Oscars.

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