OnePlus X now receiving a minor fix addressing image corruption problems


OnePlus has begun rolling out a minor update to the OnePlus X to address the camera corruption issue some users have been experiencing.

This update comes in as a meager 9.5MB download and will fix the occasional image corruption issue that came with the smartphone’s last update, which brought manual camera controls to the device as well as some other bug fixes.

The issues with the OnePlus Camera on this particular device have been going on for about a month now, so it’s great to finally have a fix.

Normally, updates like these take weeks to get out to everyone, as they usually start by rolling it out to, say, 1% of device owners. Then, if everything goes well, they’ll do more until they reach everybody. This time around, OnePlus is actually hoping to cover all OnePlus X owners within 48 hours.

If you’ve gotten the update, be sure to sound off in the comments below!

source: OnePlus