Verizon’s Galaxy Tab S2 gets updated to include February’s security patches


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 owners with the Verizon LTE model can now install the latest security patches for the month of February.

It’s better late than never! Afterall, it does take some time for the update to pass through the carriers. This update will bring Tab S2 owners to software version¬†LMY47X.T817VVRS2APB2, which is the most secure from attacks and viruses.

Based on Verizon’s update page, the monthly security patches are making way to units now over-the-air. If you don’t see it right away, be patient, you’ll get the notification soon. You can try to speed up the process by going into settings under ‘About’ and ‘check for new software updates.’ To find out what has been dealt with, hit the source link to Verizon’s update page down below. Happy updating!

Source: Verizon