Microsoft’s Hub Keyboard lets you translate and more

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Microsoft has been releasing a ton of new Android apps lately and today they have another one. They just released a new keyboard app, which is strange since they also own SwiftKey, called Hub Keyboard.

There are some major differences between SwiftKey and their new keyboard, however. This new keyboard is trying to be more productive than other keyboards by allowing you to share documents, smart copy/pasting (called “clips”), quick translating, and more all from within the keyboard. It does this by looking at the context of how you are using it, and analyzes what the best possible recommendation will be for your next move.

Microsoft hopes that all of these features will make users lives a lot simpler since they no longer need to leave one app and go to another one just to do simple things. However, we are not sure how much of SwiftKey’s predictive abilities are included into it. Also, the keyboard is only available in the US at this time, but they are working on bringing it to other countries soon.

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