Oppo’s SmartSensor is the world’s smallest image stabilization technology

oppo smartsensor

Oppo has announced another new piece of technology that should drastically improve our smartphones sooner rather than later. This time, it’s the SmartSensor for cameras that brings the OIS in a tiny package.

The SmartSensor uses sensor-based optical image stabilization, since lens-based OIS is tough to implement in razor thin smartphones. Smartphone manufacturers use lens-based OIS in some phones right now, but outside of a professional sized camera, it’s not the most efficient way to get things done. That’s where Oppo is stepping in.

This new SmartSensor is as thin as two sheets of paper and can achieve three axes of image stabilization within a few milliseconds, which is incredibly impressive no matter how you slice it. Lens-based stabilization only works on two axes, so not only is sensor-based OIS quicker, but it also does more, plain and simple. And, since it’s much smaller and more efficient, we’re also looking at less power drain and less heat, both of which are crucial in creating a great smartphone camera.

This is fairly new tech that’s going to take awhile to implement in every flagship phone, but in a few years this kind of thing will likely be the standard. And considering how much more precise and efficient it is, that can only be a good thing.

source: Oppo

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