Motorola president Rick Osterloh reflects on life with Lenovo


With the Motorola name being phased out, Motorola president Rick Osterloh is happy with where the company is now that it’s been fully absorbed by Lenovo. And he’s confident, despite the fact that some wondered if Motorola would simply fade into oblivion after being purchased by Lenovo, that the products put out under the Moto name/brand will continue to be among some of the most interesting phones on the market.

“We’ve done an enormous amount of great stuff as part of a broader company,” he said during a chat at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona.

And that’s lucky for the consumer. As we reported previously, the only real change here is that the Motorola name is going away. The products will continue under the name “Moto.”

Additionally, Osterloh confirmed that the Moto G and Moto E would be around for “the foreseeable future” and in “similar markets” to the ones they’re available in now, despite earlier reports that those models would disappear. Nor is Osterloh worried about the fact that Lenovo’s line of Vibe phones could potentially eat into the sales of low- and mid-level Moto devices outside of the United States.

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