Skype Qik is getting absorbed into the main Skype application


Skype Qik was originally introduced to make group chatting more fun and easy to send quick video messages, in a way that was sort of competitive to the likes of Snapchat. While Qik was cool in concept, it never really exploded and still doesn’t have the same kind of following that the regular Skype mobile app. The solution? Roll everything up into one app.

Skype has announced that Qik will soon be discontinued and all of the features that made it unique will be folded into the one Skype app that you probably already have installed. No need to have multiple apps when one app can do everything just fine. These features include things like filters and quick video messages, and everything has been streamlined to work within the UX of Skype.

If you still want to use Qik on its deathbed, the app will still be available until March 24th. After that, you’re either going to have to move to the default Skype app or find an alternative.

source: Skype