Google Fiber’s next destination is Huntsville, Alabama


Mayor Tommy Battle announced this morning alongside Google that the company will be bringing Google Fiber to Huntsville, Alabama soon.

However, it won’t be happening in the traditional sense. Battle revealed that Google will be using a portion of the network that Huntsville Utilities is  looking at constructing. Usually, Google is the company that heads up the building and funding of the fiber network, but this time it will be Huntsville Utilities who is constructing the network. Once completed, Huntsville Utilities will lease it to Google, allowing the search giant to bring its famed 1GB/s Internet and TV service to the city.

Once this network is finished being built, Google will be able to bring Fiber to the city. Not only that, but any other network provider will be able to bring the same speeds to Huntsville, Alabama as well.

Construction of the Fiber network hasn’t begun yet, as it’s still pending some final municipality approvals. Google mentioned that it’s way too early in the process to begin providing estimated times, but indicates that Google should be able to start connecting homes up to Fiber in mid-2017.


Google currently serves Fiber to Kansas City; Provo, Utah; Austin, Texas; Atlana, GA., and has plans to bring its Fiber service to an additional six cities in the near future, Huntsville, Alabama being one of those cities. And as you can see from the map above, Google is still looking into bringing Fiber into another 11 cities across the United States, but do keep in mind that making sure a city is a good candidate is a long and lengthy process.

Google recently partnered with the White House to bring Fiber to public housing for free.

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