Samsung Connect Auto turns old cars new again by providing LTE access

Samsung ConnectedCar

I am sure you have seen all the latest and greatest technologies going into modern cars nowadays. Many cars even feature things like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. However, there is a huge problem with these systems, you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a brand new vehicles to use them.

Samsung saw this as a huge problem since the majority of cars on the road today are older cars. That is why Samsung created Samsung Connect Auto. It plugs into the diagnostic port and will give them new life again by providing LTE WiFi hotspot access and other services like roadside assistance or usage-based insurance. Of course, not quite as good as an Android Auto system, but at least it will bring your older car up-to-date a bit.

AT&T will be the first carrier to partner with Samsung in the US and plans to launch the service in Q2 of this year. However, neither company gave us any ideas as to the price of all this just yet. Also, Samsung plans to bring this device to countries all over the planet and has already stated that it will be working with Amdocs, AT&T, AXA, China Unicom, Cisco, Ericsson, Europcar, HERE, IBM, Jasper, Oberthur Technologies, Openbay, Orange and Willis Towers Watson so far.

Samsung Connect Auto will not be running Android, but instead Samsung’s own Tizen platform as well as KNOX security. They are also letting developers work on possibly new apps or feature for it in the future.

Samsung also says they are heavily focused on safety, which is why it has features like emergency alerts, which will alert your contacts if you are in a crash. It also has geo-fencing and driver rating algorithms, which should be perfect to help parents keep track of their kids.

It can even be used to save you gas money and repair costs. Fuel efficiency analysis will take things like price per gallon, miles travelled and more into account for better fuel efficiency. Also, since it’s plugged into the diagnostic port, it will be able to recommend maintenance and repair services offered by a specialized network. This way you will be able to get small things repaired now, so they don’t turn into costly repairs later.

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Source: Samsung

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