Ouch! No Lollipop update for DROID Ultra, Maxx, and Mini


Motorola’s David Schuster has revealed that the DROID Ultra, Maxx and Mini won’t be receiving the popular Lollipop update.

Announcing the news via his Google+ page, Schuster explained that despite initial plans to continue supporting the smartphones, it won’t be happening. He said:

“We apologize that we will not be upgrading DROID Ultra / Mini / Maxx to Android Lollipop, as we had hoped. We know how important software upgrades are to our customers, and we’re very sorry that we are unable to provide the upgrade. We would like to offer something to people who purchased this device.”

Motorola has launched a web page for customers looking for an apology or something to cheer them up. Until Thursday, May 19, those with a DROID Ultra, DROID Maxx or DROID Mini will be treated to discounted prices for the DROID Turbo 2 and DROID Maxx 2, both of which support Android Lollipop.

Owners of the smartphones mentioned in Schuster’s post will need to have an active phone number for the discounts to be eligible, Motorola has confirmed.

If they meet the requirements mentioned, customers can pick up the DROID Turbo for $524, down from its original price of $624. The DROID Maxx 2 is on offer at $334, down from $384.

Whilst Motorola’s apology won’t go down well with everyone, it’s better than nothing. However, even though the smartphone group is attempting to right its wrongs, there will still be plenty of unhappy DROID owners wishing that their smartphone wasn’t being left behind.

Source: David Schuster (Google+)

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  • Steven Zserai

    You know what,….if that’s the case and I LOVE these phones and/are an avid Droid user owner,…if they think I’m gonna PAY for a phone JUST bcuz they “discounted” them bcuz they refuse to keep them updated for us…..they should be GIVEN to us in exchange at their expense bcuz of their refusal otherwise,…I think I’ll just get another brand,…fuk’m…..keep your damn phones, I’ll go where they care….