Amazon Echo gets newsy with integration from news outlets


We all knew the Amazon Echo would be smart, but I didn’t think it would get this smart. Over time, Amazon has added integration from so many sources that the Echo is no longer a device to just ask simple questions. Now you can ask the Echo complex questions or give it commands to do something very specific. Today’s update in Echo capabilities has to do with its ability to serve up news. Amazon is adding integration from six news outlets.

  • Bloomberg
  • Discovery News
  • CNN
  • ESPN Radio
  • NPR
  • The Economist

Amazon also notes RhymeZone is a new piece of the Echo’s backbone. RhymeZone is a dictionary used only for finding rhymes. Feel free to ask Alex to return a word rhyming with whatever you send its way.

Don’t own an Amazon Echo? You can order one by following the source link below. The item is out of stock at the moment, but Amazon should once again be shipping it on February 28.