New Cat phone will have thermal camera, be waterproof


Do you tend to drop your phone in the sink or toilet a lot? Are you trying to find a corpse but your view is obscured by smoke from a forest fire? If either of those apply, or you just want a super-rugged phone, Cat’s S60 smartphone is for you.

cats60_1The S60 will be the first smartphone to have a thermal camera. Cat has essentially put Flir’s standalone thermal imaging camera into the body of the phone. The resolution of the thermal camera will be limited to VGA (640 x 480), which indicates it’s likely intended mostly for practical (as opposed to recreational) purposes. Function-wise, the camera can take both stills and video, produce live thermal images and measure surface temperatures.

The phone is also rated to be submerged in up to five meters of water for up to an hour (though if you uncover the microphone and earpiece openings, it’s only rated waterproof to two meters).

cat_s603But beyond those features and the 1 millimeter thick Gorilla Glass 4 protection, the phone itself is quite average. 32GB of onboard storage (it is expandable, though we don’t know by how much), a 13-megapixel rear- and 5-megapixel front-facing camera and a 4.7-inch 720p display are nothing to write home about. Add to that the fact that the phone (which goes on sale in May) will cost $599 and it doesn’t sound that great (though we should point out that the Flir thermal imaging dongle for the iPhone costs $249 by itself).

Like its predecessor, the S50C (which we previously reported on last month), the S60’s touchscreen is purported to work while you’re wearing gloves or when your hands are wet.

About the Author: Bill Mayeroff

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