Jimmy Buffet is launching ‘Margaritaville’ as a mobile game

margaritaville game

Jimmy Buffet has managed to turn Margaritaville into a household name worth an extraordinary amount of money, and he’s never been afraid to push that brand into new territories. And yes, that includes mobile gaming.

A new game developed by FunPlus will take that brand and craft a casual mobile out of it, taking players to a virtual paradise filled with Margaritaville experiences. Mobile gaming is the fastest form of digital media, and it’s a perfect market for huge brands to tap.

Margaritaville is slated for a launch around July this year. Neither FunPlus nor Buffet were willing to reveal much about what’s actually going to be in the game, but FunPlus is known for their Family Farm game that tends to play quite a bit like a FarmVille game. There’s no guarantee that we’ll see Margaritaville take that approach, but there’s a pretty good chance Buffet tapped this specific developer for what they’re good at.

source: Variety