Microsoft Translator for Android updated with offline translation


Microsoft Translator for Android has been updated with some neat offline translating features.

Microsoft’s Translator app has been updated with more than just the offline features, though the other features seem to be exclusive to iOS for the time being. The Android variant was updated with offline capabilities, allowing the user to fully use Translator offline. And supposedly this offline translation rivals the accuracy of online translators, simply because it takes advantage of what is supposedly the “world’s first” deep neural network-powered engine.

iOS, on the other hand, got updated with some neat photo-based features, giving iOS users access to the Microsoft Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine. As you might expect, this let’s Translator for iOS translate words from, say, street signs, straight from the iPhone’s gallery.

With that in mind, offline translating is currently exclusive to Android and the OCR engine is currently exclusive to iOS. But, that won’t last for long, according to Microsoft. The plan is to have all of these features available on all platforms–Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. When Microsoft plans to do that, we don’t know. The company said “soon,” but we’re all familiar with the vagueness of that word.

If you haven’t gotten the update yet on Android, be sure to hit the download link below

Play Store Download Link

source: Microsoft

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