ASUS adjusts 2016 sales target


Competition from China-based smartphone vendors in India, Brazil, Russia, Southeast Asia and Africa likely led to Asustek lowering the 2016 sales targets for its ZenFone-series smartphones from 30 million to 25 million, analysts said.

Asustek shipped 20 million smartphones in 2015, which is a 235 percent increase from 2014, in which they shipped 8.5 million smartphones. Another reason for the lower sales targets is likely that the ZenFone 3 series of phones won’t be launched until Computex 2016 in June. As a result, first-half shipments could have a weaker-than-anticipated sales performance.

However, once the ZenFone 3 series launches, shipments in the second half of 2016 are expected to pick up quickly.

Source: DigiTimes