The payphone is dead, tablets will be taking its place


New York is opening its very first public WiFi hub, and with it, officially killing the old payphone. This new generation payphone has built-in tablets that let users do anything from make a call, check emails, or even use Google Maps for directions.

The tablets will be going into a few LinkNYC kiosks along Third Avenue between 15th and 42nd streets. However, all future hubs will already have them pre-installed.

These are really cool, but don’t actually feature a phone to pick up and use. That means all phone calls will be made on speakerphone for all to hear. However, they do have headphone jacks built-in if you wanted to make a more private call. Another great feature is they can be used as USB chargers, hopefully quick chargers, and those worried about privacy will be happy to learn all data deletes after a minute of no activity.

New York doesn’t have the best weather all year, but these tablets are made by Intersection, and can withstand almost anything. They can withstand temperatures from -4°F all the way up to 104°F. They even crashed cars into the posts to make sure they can take whatever New York has to throw at them. I think most people will use them for Google Maps and to charge their phones, but still really cool to have around. Also, no, there won’t be any ads on them, or any time limit usage.

To use the WiFi, you have to sign into the WiFi on your device, save it, and never have to worry about data again. Of course, as long as you are near a LinkNYC hub. The range is actually really far, ranging from 150ft all the way to 400ft in some locations.

If you live in New York, and have tested one, we would love to hear from you and your thoughts in the comments.

Via: TheVerge

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