Enpass upgrades to version 5 with full-time fingerprint support and autofill


With security in the headlines the past couple days, users may once again be considering methods and apps to help secure their logins. Password managers are increasingly getting attention from consumers, especially as they continue to add features making them easier to use and more functional. One of the apps that made our list of the best password managers this year, Enpass, has announced a major upgrade to their platform to version 5.0 that brings two key improvements.

Enpass 5.0 for Android now supports what the developer is calling “full-time fingerprint support.” This feature takes advantage of improvements to the Android Keystore in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which does mean your device has to be running Marshmallow, to better integrate the fingerprint security features. By getting support at the operating system level, this improvement also means the Enpass fingerprint authentication is now available on devices other than the Samsung smartphones it was previously limited to. One of the changes users may notice if they were using the fingerprint authentication is that they no longer have to unlock Enpass using the master password before they can start using their fingerprint with different accounts and logins.

The other big change in Enpass 5.0 is support for autofill via the Enpass keyboard component. Using this feature, users can autofill username and password fields in the Chrome Browser and in third-party apps. In the past, users had to open the Enpass app, find the security information, copy it, then return to where they were to paste the info in.

Enpass says they have also addressed some bugs and made some improvements to the Material theme used in the app and the lock screen design.

You can check out a couple videos from Enpass below, including one showing how to enable the new features. If you want to give Enpass a try, just follow the link below to the Google Play Store.

Enabling new autofill and full-time fingerprint features

Play Store Download Link

source: Enpass

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