Boost your 4G WiMax signal in Samsung Epic 4G


Ever find that your signal just doesn’t seem like a real fast 4G connection on your Sprint Epic 4G? Has your connection dropped, only for it to seem to take forever to pick WiMax up again? If so, you may want to have a look at this fix for your Epic 4G, and although the instructions seem easy enough, as always, take caution when messing around with the original programming.

That being said, XDA-Develop gokuman56 has figured out a way to improve your 4G signal on Sprint’s WiMax. You will need your MSL, Call Sprint or follow this:

Dial ##3282#
It will open a menu, click WiMAX and enter MSL. Note: 4G radio must be on.
Go to extensions and Hold EntryRX and Write Extension
Change the Value to -110 (The Lower the weaker the signal can be for the phone to connect.
Change EntryCINR to 0004

You can find more information in the hack thread.

[via XDA-Developers]

  • Marsh 511

    What about for the Evo? Wife’s Epic holds 4g better than my Evo.

  • Christopher

    Maybe I’m being dense, but when I enter ##3282# I get View/Edit options, and when I go into Edit it asks me for my MSL right away. Nothing looks familiar after that either. What am I missing? On Froyo for my Epic 4G…

  • Christopher

    Never mind, found the FroYo instructions elsewhere

  • Larry

    If I do this on the Evo4g will it work?