Samsung has an ice sculptor create a sculpture of a Galaxy S7


Samsung is teasing its upcoming Galaxy S7 flagship by releasing a “unboxing” video daily until February 21. We’re in the third day of the series, and this time an ice sculptor is unboxing the device and showing the world what he sees.

This Seven Days of Unboxing series started on February 15 with a child unboxing the device and drawing his findings. February 16’s video was the same thing, except it was a llama who drew his findings. We’re totally not lying, check out the video for yourself. Now, an ice sculptor is carving out what he saw when he unboxed the device.

Seven Days of Unboxing – The Ice Sculptor

Samsung will be releasing four more videos over the next four days leading up to the announcement. The company plans to unveil the device on February 21 at MWC 2016, the same day LG plans to announce its next flagship.

About the Author: Brad Ward

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