Qualcomm hints at Snapdragon 820 in upcoming LG G5


Qualcomm took to Twitter today to tease that its much-anticipated Snapdragon 820 processor will be powering the LG G5.

LG announced earlier that the LG G5 would be announced at MWC 2016, and since then, the company has also confirmed a couple features that its new flagship smartphone will have in tow, including an always-on display.

Here’s the full tweet from Qualcomm:

Qualcomm announced its Snapdragon 820 chipset late last year, with one of the major features being Quick Charge 3.0. With Quick Charge 3.0, your smartphone, or in this case, the LG G5, will only need to be on the wire for around half an hour to get an 80 percent charge.

The LG G5 will definitely be one of the more exciting smartphones announced this year. And with just how well the LG V10 was built, we have high hopes for how well the LG G5 will perform.

We’re looking forward to seeing more details on what LG has for us in just a couple days! What are you most looking forward to at MWC 2016?

source: Qualcomm (Twitter)

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