Tablet sales fell 13.8% in Q4 compared to the same time last year


Tablet sales seem to get lower and lower each year, but last quarter was the worst yet. In Q4 of 2015, global tablet sales were down 13.8% compared to last year’s Q4. Although, it was a 23.9% increase from Q3 2015.

The problem with Q4 is that is when all the holiday sales are. Of course overall sales from the year will be high there, but a decline from last year is not good at all.

The best selling tablet was the Apple iPad Air 2, which sold 16.1 million units in the last three months of the year. It was said to have done so well because of “aggressive promotions”, and of course the iSheep… The Amazon Fire also did quite well thanks to its low price. Low-cost tablet sales were 20.3 million, but even they were still down 5% from Q3 2015. Other non-Apple manufacturers shipped 28.94 million tablets, which was up 6.4%.

Source: Digitimes
Via: Phonearena