Samsung’s new President of Mobile has big plans for Galaxy brand


Samsung’s new President of Mobile, Dongjin Koh, recently sat down for an interview ahead of Samsung’s 2016 Unpacked event to discuss where he plans on taking the company’s Galaxy brand of phones in the future. The interview doesn’t really tell us anything dramatic happening with Samsung’s plans, but it reaffirms their commitment to mobile at the heart of their business.

At its center, Samsung’s Galaxy S line of smartphones is what drives the business not only from a smartphone standpoint, but from a digitally connected standpoint. Koh wants the Samsung smartphone to represent the center of someone’s digital experience, making it the centerpiece of media they create and consume and the brain of their connected devices and appliances. We’ve already seen Samsung dabble in smart home and connected electronics, but 2016 will likely see a big expansion of that for the company.

Koh has worked with Samsung for over 30 years and has plenty of hands-on experience at the company. He understands what’s built Samsung up to the level that they’re at today, and it doesn’t seem like he’s planning on rocking the boat too much. After all, if it’s not broken, why fix it?

If you’re interested, you can check out his interview below.

source: Samsung

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