Verizon to give customers 2GB or more of free data per month for life…again!

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Verizon is bringing back a promotion it ended in early January, giving new and existing customers a chance to score 24GB of free data per year for life on the carrier’s network!

Here’s how it works: you’ll get 24GB of bonus data per year (2GB dished out per month) when you upgrade or activate a new phone on a XL plan or larger. This isn’t limited to just a single individual either. A family of four could upgrade or activate news lines on an XL plan and receiving up to 8GB of free data per month. That’s 96GB of free (and shared) data per year!

The data is shareable, so if you have any tablets or other devices already on your account, you’ll be able to take advantage of that free data. However, it’s worth noting that upgrading or activating new tablets or other devices won’t net you that 2GB of data. It’s exclusively smartphones only.

Verizon says that users can add up to 10 lines per account for this promotion, meaning the maximum amount of data you can receive for free is 20GB a month, or 240GB per year. Again, this offer only applies to upgrades or activations on a XL plan or higher. Not only that, but you have to stay on that XL plan or higher to continue receiving the free data.

This offer begins today, though Verizon didn’t provide an end date for this promotion, so there’s no telling how long it could last.

Anyone plan on taking advantage of this sweet offers while it lasts?

source: Verizon

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